Product description

Adding fibres to building materials increases strength. Different fibres are used not only to increase structural integrity in concrete, but also to control shrinkage cracking, lower concrete permeability and to provide a wide range of additional benefits.

However, fibre-dosing must be careful and systematic, to ensure exactly the right quantity is added. Our equipment range comes from a Swedish company, Incite AB, the global leader in steel and synthetic fibre-dosing systems. Its patented technology serves the building, construction and infrastructural industries in over 40 countries around the world.

Fibre-dosing equipment

The product range includes highly accurate fibre-dosing systems for both steel and synthetic fibres, with a wide range of dosing capacities to suit the needs of the individual customer. Integrated conveyor and storage equipment are also available, as well as additional equipment custom-made to the requirements of the customer.

Weighing and control systems can be connected directly to the mixing computer, to ensure maximum homogeneity. All equipment is produced in accordance with CE- and EMC directives.

For more details about our systems for dosing of steel and synthetic fibres please download our product leaflet.

Download and read more about this product:

Product leaflet "Systems for dosing of steel and synthetic fibres "

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