Product description

Steel wire fibres are used to reinforce concrete where high energy absorption and toughness is required.

Its applications include industrial floors, tunnel linings, concrete piles, concrete pipes and shafts, precast concrete, fire- and seismic-resistant concrete structures. After adding steel wire fibres, brittle concrete becomes a reliably performing material with:

  • High strength properties
  • Highest toughness and ductility
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Increased seismic resistance

The fibres have high ductility and therefore high breaking resistance during handling and mixing operations. The fibre’s double end hook assures optimum anchorage in the concrete matrix, resulting in high pull-out resistance. Breakage of the crack-bridging fibres is prevented by the high initial tensile strength of the fibres’ raw material. Perfect workability in fresh concrete and highest performance in hardened concrete is assured by the fibres’ well-balanced geometry.

Economic benefits include reduced or replaced conventional reinforcement, reduced labour costs, reduced construction time and concrete savings.

Fibres are manufactured of hard-drawn steel wire according to ASTM A 820-96 Type I standard.

Standards: Low carbon steel according to DIN EN 10016 ASTM A 820-96 Type I, CUR Directive 35 and BRL 5061.

Cutting: Packaging in carton boxes of 20 kg or big bags of 500 kg and 1000 kg.

Quality control: Tensile strength (min 950 N/mm²)
Diameter (0.50...1.05 mm)
Length (30...60 mm)
Aspect ratio (38...70).

Packaging: On wooden pallet, 1000 kg, covered with plastic wrap.



CE 1139-CPD-0147/07 AR 007-01/096-2005 
KIWA K26543/01  
TZUS SK04-ZSV-0195  

For more details about our Steel wire fibres range please download our product leaflet.

Installation images

Additional reinforcement

Concrete placement

Saw cutting

Download and read more about this product:

Product leaflet "Steel wire fibres"


Product leaflet "Fully automatic equipment systems for the dosing of steel and synthetic fibres"

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