Product description

Our wire is used in a wide range of applications – in furniture and retail furnishings, perimeter security fencing, welded netting, nails, etc. We can deliver the right wire properties for each application, and guarantee homogenous material content, uniform mechanical characteristics – i.e. optimal sectioning, bending, welding and surface finishing characteristics. On demand we can deliver wire with high surface finish, ultrasonic cleaned or wet drawn (to assure high plating quality).

Wire dimensions: Ø 0.25 – 12 mm
Coil Weight: 125 – 1300 kg
Coil Inner diameter: 400 / 550 mm

Material standards:

SAE/AISI SAE 1008, SAE 1006
EN EN 10016-2 CD

For more details about our low-carbon steel wire range please download our product leaflet.

Download and read more about this product:

Product leaflet "Low-carbon steel wire"

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