Severstal-metiz and Anordica AB are officially announcing the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)* into the operational process of steel wire products deliveries from Russia. Anordica is the first European company with whom Severstal-metiz is establishing EDI.

EDI is widely used in the international practice of intercommunication between business partners. Thanks to the implementation of the EDI system, data on goods deliveries will be transferred to the seller in electronical form. This will both optimize Anordica’s accounting and reduce manual operations between the two companies. Both partners have made a commitment to continue developing their electronic documentation systems in the future.

*EDI (Electronic data interchange) – is the system of electronic interchange of information, which allows different softwares to interact. 


Founded and led by Anordica the Companies Against Import Restrictions (CAIR) continue to oppose the safeguard measures applicable to imports of certain steel products as the measures enter their third, and hopefully last, review. From 18 companies the organisation has grown to 33 members and now CAIR hopes to finally see the safeguard measures expire on the 30th of June 2021.

Last review the organisation presented extensive documentation and proof that showed that the wire safeguards were introduced illegally, in violation of WTO and EU rules. They also submitted an open letter to the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. After examining the documentation of CAIR and many other parties the last review resulted in adaptation of the existing safeguard measures.

The current review will be assessing whether the steel safeguard measures should be extended for an additional period of time after their initial date of expiry (30.06.2021) or if the measures will be allowed to lapse after that date. CAIR has filed an open submission that shows that the safeguard measures have not had any positive effect but in fact damaged a market already strongly affected by COVID-19 and Brexit.

Read the open submission in full here>

If you are one of the many companies affected by the EU’s safeguard measures on the wire market join us and submit your own testimony. Together we can make a change! Submit your testimony, find out more about joining CAIR or ask any questions you might have to Mr. Alexander Zolotarevski: alexander@anordica.se


For Christmas this year we continued with our social initiatives, a highly valued aspect of Anordica’s operation. We have been cooperating with “Fundacja Dom w Łodzi" for several years due to the vital nature of their work and continue to support them. The orphanage was founded in 2006 and is the first and only institution in Poland that takes care of children with physical and mental disabilities.

The house provides these vulnerable and underprivileged children with professional, 24/7 medical care, rehabilitation, education and most importantly: love, home and family.

Their specialized team consists of pedagogues, nurses, psychologist, physiotherapy specialist, speech therapist and social workers who work individually with the children every day to develop their skills and create new possibilities. They rely on sponsors to be able to continue their operation.

Anordica has a running communication with the organization and when we asked them what they needed to invest in this year they said that the children require specialized testing to establish their developmental needs and to tailor treatments to each individual. The tests are an internationally acclaimed method of evaluating children with special needs and finding the right education and tools to prepare them for life. The package includes three large testing kits for different age groups.

Our work with “Fundacja Dom w Łodzi” is one that is very close to our hearts and we love seeing the result of their hard work, empathy and love for these children. We are happy to be part of their family.


To thank you for another wonderful year with Anordica we have decided to plant 500 trees in the rainforests of Panama in the name of our clients. The 500-million-year-old forest plays a vital, global role in absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, and this number of trees will be able to sequester almost 35 tonnes of CO2!

This initiative is part of our environment conservation plan, our goal is a greener, kinder metallurgic industry.

Our social initiative continues

Of course, we have not forgotten about our friends in Poland. We will continue to help children with disabilities at an orphanage in Łódź, Polen, home to our Polish office. This year we are paying for essential medical examinations and tests that will help with early detection and ensure that these kids can get the right care for their needs.

We thank you for your support in 2019 and wish you a happy and prosperous 2020!


Once again, we have received top rating from Bisnode – Europe's largest provider of smart data and analytics. The purpose of the rating system is to provide a trustworthy and uniform platform by which to judge the stability of company-finances, and Anordica’s rate – AAA – is the highest rating a company can get.

”We understand that financial strength and stability is an important criteria when you are choosing a supplier that your daily business will depend on. Anordica is one of the largest wire suppliers and distributers in Scandinavia and Europe with a solid capital. We see this rating as a confirmation that we are moving in the right direction and will continue our work”, says Anordica’s CEO, A. Zolotarevski, PHD.


Malmö, Sweden (October 24th, 2019) Alexander Zolotarevski, CEO of Anordica, has been nominated as one of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalists. Alexander was chosen as a finalist after a rigorous evaluation process by an independent panel of judges.

Alexander founded Anordica more than 20 years ago, building the company around his academic background. He studied material science in the Soviet Union and then focused on laser technology for his PHD. He read lectures of some of Sweden’s most respected schools and then used his extensive knowledge to benefit Anordica’s partners and clients. Today Anordica is one of the biggest actors in its field in the Northern European market.

Alexander has focused a lot on making Anordica an international brand. The company currently has offices in three different countries – Poland, Finland and the main office in Malmö, Sweden. This allows Alexander to channel his extensive academic and technical knowledge to benefit clients and suppliers alike. He creates unique opportunities for the Western markets to benefit from international transactions, facilitating global trade for local actors.

Another field that Anordica excels in is technical knowledge and together with his hand-picked team Alexander has developed new products to suit the productions of his clients.


From concrete to cloud

Anordica is Giatec Scientific’s new official distributor in Scandinavia and Northern Europe

New wireless technology helps you to build concrete structures faster, safer, and more economically

Measuring the compressive strength of concrete is one of the major challenges faced by the construction industry today. Lack of information can cause concrete structures to crack, leading to future durability and performance issues or even structural collapse in some cases.

SmartRock™, the leading wireless concrete sensor, is an accurate and reliable tool which allows you full control of concrete temperature and strength. SmartRock provides critical information to contractors so they can make efficient and informed decisions on the jobsite, ultimately saving time and money. Areas of applications include; formwork removal timing, post-tensioning, monitoring temperature gradients in mass concrete, optimizing curing conditions, controlling quality in the field, and opening roads to traffic.

For more information about Giatec visit Giatec Scientific

For more information about the product and its areas of applications visit SmartRock product page.

If you have any questions or would like us to know more about how this product could fit into your production please contact us at sales@anordica.se


Our new sales manager to serve the Polish market

We would like to extend a big welcome to our new sales manager – Mr. Piotr Walczak who joined Anordica’s sales team earlier this year. Mr. Walczak has the deep knowledge of metallurgy, service and management that we look for in our team.

“Local experts on location is the only way to provide the high level of quality and service that our customers have come to expect from us. The Polish market is unique and requires experienced, devoted staff who can sufficiently answer the market’s requests for knowledgeable and friendly, on-location service.” Says Dr. Alexander Zolotarevski, Anordica’s CEO.

Anordica’s extensive product portfolio and Piotr Walczaks' long experience in sales is an important asset for our existing and future Polish customers. Please feel free to call him directly with any questions or business issues.

Phone: + 48 606 38 72 00

Of course, you are always welcome to call Anordica regarding any question and request!


Anordica strengthens its presence in Finland

Anordica has opened a new office in Finland

Anordica is opening a new office in Turku, Finland to strengthen our presence on this significant market.

Dr. Alexander Zolotarevski, Anordica’s CEO, emphasizes the importance of the new office: 
“We are always taking steps to establish our local presence to properly answer the market’s demand for knowledgeable, friendly, on-location service. This new office enables us to provide insightful, local service to Finnish and global customers. I see numerous ways Anordica can benefit this market.”

Our new office can be found on the following address:

Anordica Finland Oy

Logomo Konttori 
Köydenpunojankatu 14 
20100 Turku 

Our new sales manager dedicated to the Finnish market

We would also like to welcome our new sales manager – Mr. Nisse Venho. We see our product portfolio and Mr Venho’s long experience in civil engineering and building as a key asset for our existing and future Finnish customers.

Phone: +358 40 844 3302

Of course, you are always welcome to call Anordica regarding any question and request!

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