Product description

We offer a wide range of copper and copper alloy products. Areas of applications include automotive industry, apparatus industry, electronics and electrical engineering, power engineering, mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, shipbuilding, construction industry, metallurgy, appliance manufacturing, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, pipeline systems, etc. Our market knowledge and close cooperation with producers makes our offer exceedingly flexible and the options for customisation to fit your production are unlimited.

Our products come from a carefully selected supplier with a fully vertically integrated production – meaning high quality control and competitive pricing. The products are carefully selected and controlled. All products are up to international standards and the producer’s quality management system is certified by ISO.

Anordica always takes care of the logistics and looks to match client needs with the right solution, ensuring that you have the right mechanical and chemical characteristics for your production.

For more details please download our product leaflet.


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Product leaflet "Diversify your sourcing with quality copper and copper alloy products from Anordica"

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