Product description

Anordica AB offers a wide range of wire ropes, including various structures, directions and types of lay, grades and types of lubrication. It includes wire ropes according to general standards: EN 12385-4, GOST and TU.

Special attention is paid to the quality control of raw materials (i.e. wire rod), wire made from it, and the final product. All steel wire ropes are in conformity with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and all the products correspond to Russian and European standards having obtained all the necessary quality certificates.


Anordica offers several services when it comes to our steel ropes. We can help you with end fittings, the attachment of the ends of the rope, points of manufacture requiring great precision. We also offer a wire rope fully covered with lubrication, partly covered or without lubrication, according to client needs. We work with two different methods of pre-stretching: static and dynamic. In comparison with the usual ropes, the pre-stretched ones have a lot of advantages such as a higher elastic modulus (about 20 %), higher rotational stability, reduced constructive elongation, more economic: the consumer does not need to shorten or to draw a rope, which excludes equipment downtimes.


Our wide range has many areas of applications, including: cargo and passenger lifts, cranes and lifting machines and equipment, cargo and passenger cableways, median road barriers, oil and gas mining industry, trawl warps, and overhead power lines.

For more details please download our product leaflet.

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Product leaflet "Diversify your sourcing with steel wire ropes from Anordica"

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